Name Cost Description
GDPR Helping Hand: €650 plus VAT



Chalmin Data Privacy will meet your Senior Team onsite and take you through the key compliance issues explaining what should form part of your compliance file and helping you make sense of guidance you may have already received. Providing you with their onsite expertise for 3 hours , your very own Privacy Guru sitting alongside you to ask questions of.


GDPR Starter Program:


€1950 plus VAT Euro plus VAT. This will include  

This package provides the core essentials you need to develop a base level of GDPR compliance.

Chalmin Data Privacy will meet your Senior Team onsite and take you through the key compliance issues.
 This product is ideal for the very small company/sole trader and explores the information provided by the client to identify GDPR issues, the service includes:

•    An hour meeting onsite

•    Privacy Policy/Notice

•    Assistance with Cookies

•    Template letter and Controller Processor Template Agreement 
for Suppliers Controller led

•    Transparency notices for data capture forms

•    Marketing guide

•    Data Inventory Template

•    Article 30 Record Template


GDPR “Road to Compliance” €4500 plus VAT This service is ideal for larger organisations that are looking to define a clear strategy to GDPR compliance. It includes all the elements of the  the GDPR Starter Program above plus additional consultancy with Senior Management to develop a strong compliance roadmap. Additional materials are also included:

•        Employee Data Protection Statement

•        Rights Policy and template letters/forms

•        Employee Contract clauses

•        Transparency notice for Newsletter subscription

•        Data Inventory Template and guidance on its use for your 
compliance file

•        Article 30 Record Template for ROPA and guidance on its use for 
your compliance file

•        Assistance to IT with regard to Article 32 Requirements

•        Guide to use of all the documents and general assistance.


Compliance Pro Pricing available on request.


Designed for Organisations looking to move to full compliance swiftly and effectively, Chalmin Data Privacy have developed a package that offers all the packages combined into one continuous program of works, plus additional templates to support more complex compliance issues.

In addition, Chalmin Data Privacy will spend additional sessions briefing your Senior Team at the beginning and end of each module as you move towards compliance. The package includes:

•    GDPR Starter Program:

•    GDPR Road to Compliance

•    Onsite Audit 
Full remediation following on the audit is set according to the recommendations and requirements as determined by the audit findings. 
Remediation normally involves the above plus: