E learning on Data Protection.

Staff Training is a step towards compliance with the GDPR’s accountability principle, which requires organisations to demonstrate (and, in most cases, document) the ways in which they comply with data protection principles when transacting business.

These  courses are essential for staff at all levels within an organisation

Our Online Training course(s) are designed  to give your staff the foundation they need to enable compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the DPA 2018

We  offer staff training courses via our own E-learning tool. Our online courses allows organisations to assign courses to staff members and managers can track the staff members progress. Each course is practical in approach and uses a mix of presentations.

Benefits and features include:

Accessible: Staff members can complete the course at at any time, on desktop, laptop or home computer.

Flexibility: Staff can save their training course at any stage and return to complete it at their leisure.


Reduced costs: Online training reduces travel costs and time off for staff members

What will your staff learn?

  • How to recognise personal data and special categories of personal data
  • The obligations that the business has to meet
  • The roles and responsibilities of the different parties involved in processing personal data
  • The principles of data protection
  • The rights of Data Subjects

Why is it good for your business?

  • Confidence that your staff are able to recognise their new responsibilities and act accordingly
  • Accountability – you can demonstrate that you are making strides towards compliance

Assessment & Certification

Every learner that successfully completes an assessment will be issued a certification by us .

This helps to demonstrate that you have given your staff the foundation they need to understand their obligations under the GDPR.

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