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Simple, Clear GDPR Help & Advice

Cost effective consulting to help you retain GDPR compliance and build trust

Knowing your responsibilities, and having robust privacy strategies in place, will ensure your compliance and reduce your risk.

By managing your personal data better, you will create a valuable resource that can provide important insights for your business

Your users must provide affirmative consent to your use of all non-essential cookies. You can customise the tool to suit your needs; putting your users in control and keeping you compliant.
GDPR Article 27 stipulates that for businesses who are not based in the EU, and who are either:

Offering goods or services directly to data subjects (i.e. people), or
Monitoring their behaviour within the EU then you will probably need to appoint a representative, based in the EU who will act as the point of contact for both supervisory authorities in the EU and also for data subjects themselves.

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