Changes to data protection law have been put in place. Managing your organisation’s personal data has never been so important.

New EU legislation – the GDPR – came into effect in 2018 that places a far greater onus on organisations to protect the data of individuals.

Breaches of this legislation will be heavily fined. However, there are clear and proven steps you can take to show how you manage data.

Knowing your responsibilities, and having robust privacy strategies in place, will ensure your compliance and reduce your risk.

By managing your personal data better, you will create a valuable resource that can provide important insights for your business.

The GDPR is the latest development in the current EU agenda to safeguard its citizens and their private information. The GDPR introduces new rights for individuals and the changes require a review of
your current approach and an assessment of the impact to your business and customers.
The definition of “Personal data” has expanded exponentially. GDPR imposes stricter requirements on all business activities involving data. Whether you are a data controller, own customer data, a data processor or process data on behalf of a client, the GDPR will have a significant impact on your business.

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